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  • Important info for travelers to Machu Picchu this summer

    IF YOU ARE PLANNING  to visit Machu  Picchu  this year, you need to know about changes to the system that grants access to Machu Picchu city. Countless  people  across  the  world  are  planning  to  visit  Peru  this summer. Some of them have already made reservations  for their trips, while some are still deciding when to […]

  • Ancascocha Trek Packing List

    Dear Trekker, Thank you so much for choosing Action Peru Treks for your 5 day, 4 night Ancascocha Trek to Machu Picchu! We know you are going to have an amazing time! This document is a basic checklist with more detailed explanations on the following pages. We know every trekker goes through the phase of […]

  • 18 Reasons to hike the Ancascocha trek with Action Peru Treks!

    Named after a tiny but beautifully located community in the Cordillera Vilcabamba’s remote eastern fringe, this is a little-known trek, but worthy addition to the growing list of alternative treks to the Classic Inca Trail trek. It starts in the village of Soqma. Crossing two high passes including Huayanay pass (4,650 m/ 15,298 ft. highest […]

  • Ancascocha Trek vs Salkantay Trail

    As far as difficulty, the Ancascocha and Salkantay treks are equivalent. In their 5 day versions, the treks are challenging but not overwhelming. They are well paced. Both have mountains and glaciers. Both have lakes and stretches of green vegetation. The Ancascocha Trek is extremely remote. You will rarely see any other trekkers. There are four Inca Ruins that you will visit […]

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