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Ancascocha Trek vs Salkantay Trail

Ancascocha Trek vs Salkantay Trail

As far as difficulty, the Ancascocha and Salkantay treks are equivalent. In their 5 day versions, the treks are challenging but not overwhelming. They are well paced.

Both have mountains and glaciers. Both have lakes and stretches of green vegetation.

The Ancascocha Trek is extremely remote. You will rarely see any other trekkers. There are four Inca Ruins that you will visit and tour. There are red mountains and stretches of original Inca trails.

The Salkantay trek has a lake on the first day that is a gorgeous turquoise blue. It also offers the opportunity to do the Santa Teresa zipline. The nicest hot springs in Peru are located in Santa Teresa. You can choose to visit those if you would like. Finally, there is a coffee plantation tour on the 3rd day that is cool.

We are partial to the Ancascocha Trek since we designed it and are one of the only companies that offer it. However, the Salkantay Trek is also a phenomenal experience. No matter which trek you choose, it will be an experience like you can´t even imagine.

Ancascocha Peru Trek vs Salkantay Trek


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