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Why Choose Action Peru Treks from over 800 Tour Companies Around Cusco?

Published on: 2 de April de 2019 - By: Action Peru Treks

So, you are here because you are looking around, excitedly, yet carefully, trying to decide which Cusco tour company to use for your Machu Picchu tour/ Inca Trail/ Ancascocha trek/ Lares trek/ Salkantay trek/ Rainbow Mountain hike/ Maras and Moray touretc. tour? Look no further! Action Peru Treksprovides superior, authentic and quality tours to Machu Picchu and Choquequirao. It was started in 2015, by Roxner Cardenas, who was born in a small community outside of Machu Picchu and, after visiting Machu Picchu for the first time, at 12 years old, stunned by its history and architecture, he decided to be a guide, so he could share his cultural information and this beautiful scenery with people from all over the world. Action Peru Treksstrives to bring genuine, unique tours, with good value for money, fair pricing, while providing fair compensation to guides, cooks and porters. Action Peru Trekswants to provide you with the best quality experience, but don’t take our word for it! You can talk to one of our employees or one of our customers, most of whom have left happy and satisfied comments on several social media websites. They all say the same!

But let’s take it step by step. As all travelers, you must have some points in mind when deciding to choose a tour company, especially for a one-of-a-kind destination as Machu Picchuor the Inca Trail. Below we are listing a set of points you will surely be considering and we explain why Action Peru Treksticks all the boxes.

1. Is Action Peru Treks a Local Tour Company?

Action Peru Trekswas started to create a RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE and ECO

FRIENDLY TOUR Company in Peru.

Action Peru Treksis a fully licensed, professional trekking tour operator and proud to be a completely local indigenous companythat promotes responsible tourism in Peru.

2. A professional company that delivers.

Most importantly, you definitely want a professional tour company who will always follow through with their promises. And the best proof for that is what our customers say about us.

Our company is one of the top tour operators for Outdoor Activities in Cusco out of more than 800 Machu Picchu tour companies on TripAdvisor. You can also see tens of more than satisfied comments of tourists who have seen Machu Picchu or have done the Inca Trail with us. Whatever we promise in our packages, we deliver: we pick you up on time, there will be no confused scrambling, guide showing up at another hotel, you calling us to say you haven’t been picked, while we tell you the guide is already with you. Yes, these things do happen with a lot of tour companies. Not with us! Our staff is professional, whatever we say is included will be catered to you; we use the most professional equipment by international standards. There are no surprises with us!

3. Does Action Peru Treks give back to the community?

A lot of tourists take that into consideration when choosing a trekking tour company, as they would like to help struggling communities in the area. Action Peru Treksdoes just this. Beginning with recruitment, we have selected our porters, kitchen staff and horsemen from local communities. For example, the community of Sacsayhuaman, where most of our staff live, still had no school a few years ago. So, the poor children were forced to walk for 4 hours, come rain, sunshine, hail or snow. Therefore, a lot of children gave up studying. So, we decided to do something for them and made donations that, among other things, helped pay for the school roof. We continue to donate a small percent of every trek we sell directly to the school fund.

4. What equipment is provided?

Since you will be doing some of the most important and sometimes challenging treks, professional, safe, good-quality equipment is of the essence. What good will it do to reach Machu Picchu and then, God-forbid, something terrible happens and you never even get to tell your friends about what you saw or show them the photos?

With Action Peru Treksyou don’t need to worry about that! Starting with our vans, everything is of good quality and, most importantly, safe. For example, on the Ancascocha Trail, we offer high quality, 4-persons tent for every two people, which means you will be more than comfortable. Moreover, you will have thick mattress and pillow, kitchen tent and dining tent, so that you won’t miss the comfort of a real hotel; you will have your own comfort in the middle of nature. Also, you will have a portable, eco-friendly toilet and toilet tent. Gone are the days when you had to go in the middle of nature, while worriedly looking around to make sure no one is watching.

Also, you will have wranglers and horses, each horse being able to carry up to 8kg of your personal stuff. Not to mention the oxygen bottle and first aid kit, which are indispensable for high altitudes.

5. Are meals, hotel pick-up and train/bus tickets included?

This is an important thing to focus on when you choose a Machu Picchu tour company.

After all, you are here for the whole package; you don’t want to be left figuring out how you will catch up to the group in the middle of nowhere. Well, we are happy to tell you we will always pick you up at your hotel, with no confusions or delays. Also, depending on the tour, we usually provide breakfasts, lunches and dinners, in most cases with the exception of lunch on the last tour day.

Moreover, we always include train and bus tickets, as the last thing we would want is that our guests would be left lost in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out how to find the rest of the group. You are safe in our hands!

6. Are there professional, English-speaking guides?

Since English is an international language, most tourists want to make sure the guide leading the tour they choose speak it. And we are proud to say all of our guides speak English very well, and some of them speak other languages, too.

Moreover, they are all extremely professional and always happy to share their wide knowledge with you. They have worked in all the facets of the business, starting in the office by doing bookings and providing customers service. Then, they are required to work as porters for part of the training and they even have “chef” shifts. Not to mention they have compulsory training throughout every month of February and they receive first-aid training from a real doctor.

7. You want a short trip, but which still shows you interesting cultural sites and beautiful natural scenery.

For example, the Ancascocha trail to Machu Picchu4D/3N is shorter than most other options, that offer the options of exploring it 5 days, but you still get to see wonderful places, such as Rayan and Ancascocha Andean villages, Huayanay Pass an Apu Salkantay.

In the same way, if you want to see Rainbow Mountain, but don’t want to spend 4 days looking at it, the best way to do it is choosing the 1-day tour, that will take you through remote Andean villages with amazing views of the magnificent Ausangate glacier (considered a holy mountain). Most trips that give such unparalleled access to Rainbow Mountain require a multi-day trek, but we have changed that with this itinerary: designing a spectacular, but challenging hike that can be taken as a day trip from Cusco.

8. You want to take your time, explore everything in detail, and see as many amazing sites as possible.

Have no fear! We have all the options for you! For example, you can go on the 5D/4N Ancascocha trail, where you will be in no rush and get to see wonderful sights, such as Rayan and Ancascocha villages, have the chance to climb the Huayanay Pass and admire the towering Apu Salkantay Mountain, not to mention the Sacred Valley town of Ollantaytambo.

In the same way, if you can’t get enough of Rainbow Mountain and you want to spend as much time as possible around it, you can combine it with the Ausangate Trek of 4D/3N. On this route, which compares to Iceland and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, you will see amazing things, such as waterfalls, turquoise lakes, hordes of alpacas and llamas and the only indigenous habitat of Incan Vilcuña.

9. Friendly porters who speak well of their experience with the company/are well-treated by the company.

As you will surely see, all of our porters, just like our former customers, have only good words to say about us.

At Action Peru Treks, we know that, by treating our staff in the best way we can, we will continue to ensure we provide the best service of all tour companies around. We appreciate that our porters have the hardest job in the business, and yet they do it with a smile on their faces. When we have individuals with such inner motivation, we make sure they are not taken advantage of, by respecting the Inca TrailPorters Protection Law, of 2001.

Some of the conditions that must be respected are: transport to the point of departure to the end of the trip; limit of up to 20kg to be carried, warm equipment and accommodation, appropriate rest and sleep, fair and decent payment and more.

10. Patient, professional, understanding staff that supports you along challenging treks.

I’m sure some of you have heard or read at least once about that rude, even pushy guide, who shows off and doesn’t even listen to what the clients want or need. That guide that has no patience when you feel really tired, or your foot hurts or when you want to take that last photo of an amazing view. “Let’s go! It’s late!” they bark and your wants and needs are disregarded. That will not happen with our guides. They will always look after you, adjust the rhythm to everyone’s needs, if someone is hurt or particularly tired.

They are not here to push you around, but to show you around in the most interesting and fun way.

11. Animals are looked after well.  

Here at Action Peru Treks, we care as much about the animals as about humans. We would never abuse our horses or make them carry more than they can handle.

That is why we always let our customers know that the maximum weight of personal things they can bring is 8kg- this is the maximum that we allow a horse to carry. After all, they are hard workers also, and they deserve being looked after.

12. Good food served along the treks.

This is an area in which we don’t disappoint either. We believe that, in order for our customers to keep their energy and be able to finish the tour in good spirits, they must be fed well. That is why we bring good quality ingredients which our team of chefs use in order to cook delicious meals along the way.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a professional local indigenous tour companythat always delivers, gives back to the community and keeps its promises, good food, professional guides, happy helpful porters, a short or a long trip, we’ve got it all. Look no further and contact Action Peru Treks!