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  • Iconic Peru Tour 6 Day

    The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu needs to be experienced to be believed. The sheer size and extent of the Inca culture is breathtaking and inspiring. Their constructions are immense and impressive. At such a high altitude, it is essential we acclimatize so that we can fully appreciate this amazing country and civilization. We will visit these sites […]

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    Altitude Sickness

    One of the most frequent concerns that our trekkers ask us about is the altitude. We are going to discuss altitude below. However, we have to emphasize that we are not physicians and if you have concerns, you want to talk to your physician. The majority of our trekkers do not come from high altitude […]

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    Food on our Treks

    [rev_slider food]   The food on our treks will blow your mind! The quality is unparalleled and as for quantity, you will definitely have all you can eat! We also include Peruvian specialties to give you a true culinary immersive experience. All our ingredients are local and fresh. We are able to accommodate any and […]

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    Sustainable Travel International

    When you travel with Action Peru Treks you can be sure that you are doing Good works! In every way we promote sustainable travel…from culturally to environmentally.

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    Our Volunteer Program

    Spend an afternoon with the children of San Juan de Dios We have teamed up with an organization in Cusco, San Juan de Dios, to work with the children of the Maria Salome Ferro orphanage. This orphanage, located in the heart of Cusco, currently houses 39 boys, ages 7 to 17. They receive funding from […]

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    Join one of our upcoming groups and save big!

    Email us if you are interested in joining any of these fun groups! August 12, 2015 – Classic 5 day Salkantay Trek plus zipline Current group: 2 people If you join this group, your price will be US $670 instead of US $720 August 16, 2015 – Classic 5 day Salkantay Trek plus zipline […]

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    All about that other permit, a.k.a Huayna Picchu

    So, the Inca Trail is sold out and you have decided to hike one of the fantastic alternative treks, which don´t require Inca Trail permits. So why do all the agencies still encourage you to “book as soon as possible?” Didn´t we say that one of the benefits of the alternative treks is that they […]

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    Peruvian Holidays and Festivals

    Let´s start with the easy part. Here is the list of the official Peruvian National Holidays: January 1st. – New Year’s Day March / April – Holy Week (Semana Santa) movable – in 2015 it is from March 30 until Easter Sunday, April 5 May 1st – Labor Day June 29th – Saint Peter´s Day […]

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    Peruvian World Records

    We came to this blog topic in a very round about way! We wanted to write a post about the longevity of the Andean condor. The Andean condor has a very long life span so we wanted to know how it “measures up” to other birds! Our initial three questions were: What is the longest […]

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    Recent trekker questions with answers

    As promised, when we receive questions from trekkers (or potential trekkers), that we feel will be useful to others, we will post them on the blog! Here are a few we received recently! Is it realistic to climb Huayna Picchu Mountain on the last day of a trek? If so can you help us get […]

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