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Perhaps the most famous and iconic trek on the planet, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu can be found on ‘Bucket Lists’ all over the world. It´s pretty much the main reason people come to Peru and, together with Machu Picchu, it offers the best photographs one could wish for. And the good news is that whether you are young or old, in good shape, the Inca Trail is for everyone! But with limited permits released each year, the Inca Trail is always fully subscribed months in advance and so many travelers who visit leave Peru disappointed.

At Action Peru Treks we want to take the stress out of arranging your trek on the Inca Trail. We are now taking bookings for the 2020 season; with just a small deposit we will confirm your place on one of our tours and, more importantly, request your permits for the Inca Trail on your preferred date.

Permits will be released ahead of time for 2020, and as soon as they are released we will submit all required information for you/your group. Because of the popularity of the trek we cannot guarantee that your preferred date will be available, and so we request you provide us with 3 alternative dates to maximise your chance of getting the required number of permits.

So if you’re considering ticking the Inca Trail off your bucket-list in 2020, don’t risk leaving it until the last minute to reserve. Just complete our booking form, and we will take care of all the arrangements for you Inca Trail trek.


The popularity of the Inca Trail has grown significantly in the last 15 years, with many thousands of trekkers using the Inca trails each year. Recognising the need to maintain the trail for future generations, the Peruvian Tourism Board introduced a permit system that allows only a limited number of people (500) to hike the Inca Trail each day.

The 500 daily permits includes the porters, cooks, and guides who support the tour groups, leaving just 200 permits available for travelers.

Once purchased, permits are non-refundable and non-transferable between travelers, meaning that if permits are sold out for a specific date there is no way to get new permits for this date.

For this reason it is highly recommended to secure your permit early. At APT we are one of few local indigenous tour companies able to secure permits before they are gone.

Reserving your 2020 Inca Trail Trek

You can complete your booking with us in 3 simple steps:

*IMPORTANT If your passport number changes between reserving your Inca Trail permit and the start of your trek (e.g. due to renewal) you must send us a photocopy of the new passport information as soon as you have it so we can update your permit. You must also bring both your old and new passports with you on the trek.

If you arrive in Cusco and did not advise us that you have a new passport number, and that your information has changed, you will not be permitted to enter Machu Picchu and Action Peru Treks will not be held responsible. In this situation it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the extra expense of returning to Cusco or Machu Picchu (transportation, food and other expenses).

Why Book with Action Peru Treks?

Action Peru Treks is a 100% indigenously owned and operated local tour trekking company legally recognized by Peruvian law. We pride ourselves in supporting the local communities from and through which we operate our tours. We achieve this both by sourcing our staff and supplies from the local area, or donating a percentage of our income to support local projects. One way we have been giving back to the community was donating to the school in Saccsayhuaman community, helping top ay for its roof and we continue to donate a small part of each trek in order to help out.
We highly recommend you take advantage of this Andean Village Immersion experience offered at no extra charge with all of our Classic Inca Trail and Premium Inca Trail treks. Those who visit this Quechua village frequently say that this is one of the most memorable experiences of their trip to Peru! The afternoon before you begin your hike you will be transported, with one of our native guides, to the home of one of the porters who will be assisting you on your trek. While there you will enjoy a traditional Andean meal and have an opportunity to be educated about many aspects of life in a customary Andean village. You will have the opportunity to share in agricultural activities. You will also meet the wives and children of some of the porters and have the chance to learn customs and hear stories from them. In the evening after your meal you will get to participate in their native music and dance! The children especially love to dance and are the best teachers! You will spend the night with your host family and begin your trek early the next morning. This is a potentially life changing experience and we hope you will elect to participate and get a first hand experience of life in the Andes!
We are the #1 ranked trekking company for treks in Peru! If you do not believe us, check out our full set of 5* Trip Advisor reviews. You can also see tens of more than satisfied comments of tourists who have seen Machu Picchu or have done the Inca Trail with us. Whatever we promise in our packages, we deliver: we pick you up on time, there will be no confused scrambling, guide showing up at another hotel, you calling us to say you haven’t been picked, while we tell you the guide is already with you. Yes, these things do happen with a lot of agencies. Not with us! Our staff is professional, whatever we say is included will be catered to you; we use the most professional equipment by international standards. There are no surprises with us!
With a maximum of 12 travelers per trekking tour you can be assured of an enjoyable and uncrowded trip, with an attentive guide and support staff. This way you can always count on personalized attention an patient help and information whenever you need it.
Your comfort and safety are our #1 concern. We use only the highest quality camping equipment, including spacious 4 man tents for every 2 people, individual sleeping mattresses and pillows, a toilet tent, and a fully equipped kitchen. We are perhaps most proud of the quality of food that we provide on our tours. Our Chefs and kitchen team are carefully selected to ensure that they provide a true meal experience on the side of a mountain! We believe that, in order for our customers to keep their energy and be able to finish the tour in good spirits, they must be fed well. That is why we bring good quality ingredients which our team of chefs use in order to cook delicious meals along the way.
All service fees are included in our listed prices, there are no surprises. Our itineraries clearly detail what is and what is not included.
At Action Peru Treks we firmly believe that the success, enjoyment and safety of all of our tours and treks depends almost entirely on the quality of our Guides. Whether it’s providing commentary and color as you wander around the historic back streets of Cusco, picking the less trodden paths as we trek in the mighty Andes or telling the stories of the Ancient Inca sites that we visit, our Guides are the heart and soul of every Action Peru Treks tour. Coming from many different backgrounds, each with their own individual specialities and interests, our Guides are especially selected by us for their experience, their personalities and their passion for what they do. We believe that there is no finer team of Guides working for any of the many, many tour companies in the area. They will always look after you, adjust the rhythm to everyone’s needs, if someone is hurt or particularly tired. They are not here to push you around, but to show you around in the most interesting and fun way.
We believe our porters are the best treated on the Inca Trail. As you will surely see, all of our porters, just like our former customers, have only good words to say about us. At Action Peru Treks, we know that, by treating our staff in the best way we can, we will continue to ensure we provide the best service of all tour companies around. All our porters receive a fair wage, are fully insured against accident or injury and are provided with the highest quality equipment and uniforms as well as the correct equipment for all weather conditions.
Our porters will carry 7 kg of each of your personal gear during the trek. We will give you a duffel bag for those belongings. All you need to carry is a small backpack for things like water, sunscreen and your camera. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to go on the trek of your lifetime and you are looking for a professional company that always delivers, gives back to the community and keeps its promises, good food, professional guides, happy helpful porters, a short or a long trip, we’ve got it all. ¡Look no further and contact Action Peru Treks!
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