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It´s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, a.k.a. Inca Trail permit season

Before getting into the heart of the blog topic, we just wanted to make a brief announcement.
Huayna Picchu mountain will be closed for maintenance from April 1 to April 15. Machu Picchu mountain will remain open.
Machu Picchu mountain will be closed for maintenance from April 16 to April 30. Huayna Picchu mountain will remain open.
On to the Inca Trail permits. The Inca Trail permits will go on sale officially in less than one month. The exact date has still not been released.
The reason that this is important is because permits are limited and for some dates we expect permits to sell out in less than 48 hours. This is particularly applicable to late April, all of May and early June. For those dates, if you don´t already have a confirmed booking before the permits go on sale, they will probably be sold out by the time you make your final booking.
Permits for all other dates will also sell out fast. So once you know your travel dates, it is important not to wait to make your booking. We don´t like to rush people! However, we like even less having to tell people that the date they are enquiring about is already sold out!
Inca Trail season 2016 should be a great one. We hope you will join us for the trek!