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Payments via Paypal

If you are booking an Inca Trail with Action Peru Treks, please click on the Inca Trail Availability to check your start date to make sure the government still has permits available.  You only need a permit for your start date (not each day trekking) and we will secure the permit on your behalf.

For all other treks, we only need two trekkers to create a group, but please email us to confirm your start date is available to

All tours WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED without a completed booking form and deposit sent to Action Peru Treks. All deposits are $200 per person and are non-refundable.  We accept payments through PayPal and they do charge 6% so the total per person is $212 and should be sent to We will email you your booking invoice and confirmation once your details and deposit are received.

Deposit for Trek by Paypal

The deposit for all of our tours and treks of greater than or equal to 2 days in length is US $200 (plus the PayPal fee of US $12) per person.

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