Action Peru Treks

Free Action Peru Treks Immersion Program 2020

We highly recommend you take advantage of this Andean Village Immersion experience offered at no extra charge with our 4-day Classic Inca Trail and 5-day Premium Inca Trail treks.Those who visit this Quechua village frequently say that this is one of the most memorable experiences of their trip to Peru!

The afternoon before you begin your hike you will be transported, with one of our native guides, to the home of one of the porters/horsemen who will be assisting you on your trek.While there you will enjoy a traditional Andean meal and have an opportunity to be educated about many aspects of life in a customary Andean village.You will have the opportunity to share in agricultural activities. You will alsomeet the wives and children of some of the porters and have the chance to learn customs and hear stories from them.

In the evening after your meal you will get to participate in their native music and dance! The children especially love to dance and are the best teachers! You will spend the night with your host family and begin your trek early the next morning.

This is a potentially life changing experience and we hope you will elect to participate and get a first-hand experience of life in the Andes!